Spirit Airlines Literally Had A Fight Or Flight Response

Spirit Airlines Literally Had A Fight Or Flight Response


Well, nearly.

A Spirit Airlines flight had landed, and all hell broke lose. But let’s be honest, those few moments after a plane has landed but before everyone has had a chance to deplane are some of the more tense moments in the fuselage.

Well, after the plane had landed in LAX, a group of passengers were playing music loudly, which is personally the bane of my existence. Do you not have headphones? Must your music play for all to hear through your low-grade speakers?

Anyway, people asked them to turn it down, they didn’t, and then ire rose to the point where hair was pulled and at least one punch was thrown. Talk about baggage, am I right? Perhaps that joke went overhead.

The airport police and FBI arrived on the scene, but no arrests were made. One person was cited however. Hopefully, they were cited for poor choice in music options.

You can check out the full video below to see all the hysteria.

At least they weren’t fighting over those great SkyMall prices, right?