Not Gross Video Shows How Airplane Toilets Handle Waste

Not Gross Video Shows How Airplane Toilets Handle Waste

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This video is way more informative than it is gross. Like did you know airplane toilets are coated in teflon, same as your frying pans?

That’s a bit more interesting than it is repulsive, even though talking about cooking and toilets in the same sentence is weird.

Back in the day, airplane toilets had systems that used a lot of that blue toilet juice, but those systems were flawed and would sometimes leak, causing huge chunks of blue ice to build up outside the plane. That’s super nasty.

Nowadays, through extreme suction and slippery toilet walls, planes use a lot less blue fluid, which is a good thing. No more airplane poo ice bombs falling off 747s.

But once the plane lands, how do they empty all that waste? In steps the Honey Truck. It’s a specially designed vehicle that drives under a plane, sucks out all the nastiness, then dumps it into a sewage pipe.

I swear it really isn’t a gross video, check it out: