People Are Outraged At Today’s Amazon Prime Day Sale – Call It “Internet Yard Sale”

People Are Outraged At Today’s Amazon Prime Day Sale – Call It “Internet Yard Sale”

This is the box creature that Amazon currently has on its page to celebrate Prime Day, and I think secretly it's disappointed.

Today is the day that Amazon has been hyping up for a long time. Touting it as Amazon Prime Day (completely ignoring National Tapioca Pudding Day), the company rolled out deals that were supposed to be incredible, and on par with Black Friday. All you had to do was either be a member of Amazon Prime, paying $99 for a variety of benefits including free two-day shipping, or sign-up for the free trial.

Deals included things like a 32 inch TV for $75 and a Chromebook laptop for $199. Even Walmart felt threatened, discounting its free online shipping threshold to $35 instead of $50, and talking up that shopping there did not require a $99 membership.

What people are actually finding though, are deals on things no one actually wants.

Many have taken to calling it an "internet garage sale" or yard sale. When you're offering deals on turmuric curcumin and "nasal vents," the internet is going to feel misled.

Even power-users of the site can't seem to sort through the junk to find good deals.

Yet another person found this dynamite deal that brought a $199.99 price down to $198!

Better scoop up this insane PS4 sale – a whopping 4 cents off!

I took the liberty of checking out the Prime sale myself. The first thing that jumped out at me? These women's clogs featuring Van Gogh's Starry Night. Something I've always dreamed of owning! Thank you for this "Prime Exclusive Deal!"

It took me a minute to even understand what this Prime Exclusive Deal (on the front page of the sale site!) even is. It's a handle that holds jugs apparently? It's the #474 most popular product in Sports & Outdoors, great choice Amazon!

Upon a further scroll I discovered this cacao powder, and while a useful "superfood vegan" supplement, not exactly the insane sales we were promised.

These guitar picks were listed under "electronics," where I went to see if the TVs/cameras were still available. They are super cute though, so I bought some.

Kate Knibbs did a rundown of some of the worst products she found for Gizmodo, including this still-relevant DVD collection of Adam Sandler's undoubtedly best work.

Did you manage to score some "bargains" during today's Prime Day sale?