America And South Korea Stage Mock Invasion Of North Korea

America And South Korea Stage Mock Invasion Of North Korea

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This may be an unpopular opinion but North Korea can suck it. Their insane, child-like leader can suck it, their entire ridiculous government can suck it, and their whole military, including their “nukes” can also suck it.

Why? Cause America, baby! That’s why!

Hopefully, the whole North Korea problem can be solved through diplomacy and maybe a covert assassination or two. But if those fools dare pull the trigger on a nuke, or do something else stupid, we’ll have to step in and stop them.

How? By seizing control of Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital. The U.S. and South Korean forces have always worked together to secure the demilitarized zone (DMZ), so we’d fight together in a war if it came to it.

So both countries teamed up to run a mock beach invasion. The plan would be to land troops on the beach using amphibious vehicles (amtracs), while aircraft land troops deeper inland. This would spread the enemy thin.

But first, we need to safely get our troops on that beach, which is where the coolest part of this video comes from. The amtracs siphon off some of their fuel to be burnt and create a white smokescreen.

Then, once they’re close to shore, each amtrac can explode eight darker smoke grenades at once, providing a pretty serious wall of cover. Because of ocean breezes, the smoke is carried in front of them, like Valkyries riding in on a storm cloud to shove a lightning bolt up Kim Jong-un’s butt.

Check out this video and join me in laughing at North Korea’s threats: