Watch These Men Struggle To Hold A Huge Anaconda!

Watch These Men Struggle To Hold A Huge Anaconda!

Talk about a high-pressure work situation!


Mashable recently highlighted what looks to be one of the most intense travel show moments in recent memory. For the BBC’s Tribes, Predators & Me (not to be confused with 90’s hit Nickelodeon show My Brother and Me), host Gordon Buchanan travels to remote areas around the world and sees how they interact with a variety of predators.

The show’s site features Gordon getting down on some “peccary testicles” (the peccary is referred to as the “skunk pig,” and is an animal I was not aware existed until minutes ago) and watching a member of the Bai tribe climb a tree to catch a monkey.

But it is Gordon’s encounter with the Waorani warroris in Ecuador that really makes for a humbling experience in terms of the challenges you might face in your workplace. Boss got you down, asking you change the toner for the 8th time but that’s not part of your job?

At least you’re not helping tribespeople hold the head of a gigantic snake.


The documentary states that “capturing and releasing anacondas is a demonstration of strength and bravery” for the Waorani. Can’t they just arm-wrestle or play chicken like the rest of us? This sure is quite strong and brave. The Waorani also provide samples to a scientist who will see if oil cultivation upstream from the anaconda messes with its natural habitat.

“OMG do not put this in your Snapchat story!” You’re welcome for not putting in any “anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun” jokes!


Check out the video below, and be thankful the only snakes in your company are the lawyers, AM I RIGHT?! #adultjokes #theworkplace