Video Proof That An Actual Baby Can Be Street Figher V’s Story mode

Video Proof That An Actual Baby Can Be <em>Street Figher V’s</em> Story mode

I’ve been a Street Fighter fan since before I was tall enough to reach the buttons on an arcade machine. My brother kicked my butt as Chun-Li on the Super Nintendo. So, when a new Street Fighter is released, mama wants. Except, mama does not have friends to play against, and I don’t like playing with strangers, so I rely on story mode a lot. Street Fighter V’s story mode is… very much lacking.

Street Fighter V’s story mode is just takes a few hours to play as all the characters and, on top of that, it’s beyond easy. A baby could beat it. Like, an actual baby.

Youtuber Papa Paint gave his six-month-old the controls, and just by slapping his sticky baby hands, without strategy or any idea of what he was doing, beat story mode as Birdie.

Capcom is promising more single-player content later this month, including a challenge mode. Hopefully, the new challenge mode will be a bit more difficult, and maybe instead of baby-level it’s at least toddler-level.