The New Trailer For The Ben-Hur Reboot Actually Makes Me Believe In The Possibility Of Remakes Again

The New Trailer For The <i>Ben-Hur</i> Reboot Actually Makes Me Believe In The Possibility Of Remakes Again

Crucifixions, chariot races, and battles? Ah, I’ve missed you Roman sword and sandal pieces.

Usually I frown on remakes, especially ones of classic movies (can’t they remake bad films?) but, dare I say, this retelling of Ben-Hur is looking, and I hate saying this term, epic. I don’t mean that in the modern definition of like “whoa, sick!” and more of “oh this actually epic in scale and scope.”

First of all, it has a dread-locked Morgan Freeman. I mean, get busy watching this trailer, or get busy dying! You’re goddamn right.

The whole trailer focuses on the titular Ben-Hur, played by Jack Huston, as he plots revenge against his brother, who crucified his family, and placed him into slavery. Classic bro teasing, am I right? In fact, Ben-Hur only received his freedom when the war ship he was on was rammed in the middle of a storm. Morgan Yeah-mon… uh, I mean Freeman is trying to turn Ben-Hur into the quintessential chariot racer to get back at his brother. Because… uh, he’ll be chariot racing too.

The rest is a lot of racing, with people get crushed, nearly run over, and you know Ben-Hur gets better at racing because he trims his Revenant beard. He. Means. Business.

Watch the whole intense trailer above, and giddy-up to speed with this new intense remake that is a mix of Gladiator and the original Ben-Hur.