If You’re In The Midwest And You Care About Democracy, You Need To Sign This Petition

If You’re In The Midwest And You Care About Democracy, You Need To Sign This Petition

There's a situation in Kansas that just isn't right.

Near Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas, southeast Kansas is a region long overdue for major development. One initiative currently being explored is the building of a casino. The Kansas Lottery Gaming Facility Review Board puts forth recommendations on which casinos should be built to benefit the county and its citizens. The Review Board's goal is "to determine which contract best:

[1] maximizes revenue
[2] encourages tourism and
[3] otherwise serves the interests of the people of Kansas."

Despite these goals, the Board chose the least expensive casino, Kansas Crossing. It's also a facility that would employ the fewest Kansas citizens, attract fewer visitors, and raise less revenue (in direct opposition to the Board's goals) than Castle Rock Casino. Now, Cherokee County is asking the Board to reconsider their decision and reject Kansas Crossing's contract.

Instead of helping make Castle Rock (a proposed shot of a stunning interior is below) a beacon for South Kansas tourism, the Board's choice fails to follow any of the goals in their mandate.

Washington Times
Rock would have 1,400 slot machines, 35 table games, and a 16 table
poker room. A casino of that caliber would attract around a million
visitors a year. In contrast, Kansas Crossing would have fewer casino
attractions, and only bring in 500,000 people annually. In terms of jobs,
Castle Rock would employ almost 900 people, and Kansas Crossing only
295 (1/3 of the jobs!).

The Board's mandate is to pick a
"destination casino," as part of encouraging tourism. In
fact, what they did was pick a venture that won't draw tourists from out of state and would create less revenue. The choice seems clear, why would the Board not do their state-appointed duty? Five analytics companies even concluded that Castle Rock would bring in the most revenue.

The only solution is to let the Board know that the people in the Midwest, and people interested in democracy and the flourishing of local economy want their voices to be heard! That's why Cherokee County put forward a petition to get the Board to reject Kansas Crossing's contract.

To benefit the Midwest, and to help convince a state governing body to do its job, click here to sign the petition!