26 Pictures Of Chantel Zales That Will Make You Hyperventilate

26 Pictures Of Chantel Zales That Will Make You Hyperventilate

Is this as close to perfection as you can get?

Chantel Zales belongs in front of the camera. That's a statement that has no logical counter-argument. Just look at those eyes… those lips… those everything.

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico to parents of Mexican and Costa Rican descent, Chantel moved to Phoenix when she was a toddler. During her youth, she spent time on swimming and soccer teams, in addition to playing the sax and violin.

It was between high school and college, however, when Chantel's modeling career first began to take shape. During that time, she appeared in several commercials, including ones for Acura and Pepsi. At that point, it became quite clear that this Latina beauty needed to be seen by the world.

Chantel then moved to Los Angeles where she has become an A-list model, appearing in the pages of FHM and Maxim among others.

Her own Instagram page nearly breaks the internet on a daily basis. You can join her more than 2 million followers by clicking here.

Take a look below to see some of what you may have been missing.

If you thought you were over seeing selfies, this pic is guaranteed to change your mind.

Looking glamorous as always, Chantel.

Chantel looks ready for an island getaway. Would anyone like to join her?

This girl is a stunner no matter what she's wearing. The color combination here is amazing.

Chantel looking statuesque in New York. This was shot by photographer Arthur St. John.

If that lucky phone could talk… Imagine the stories it could tell.

If Batman is looking for a new sexy Poison Ivy, Chantel would be the right choice.

Meow. Can I be your owner?

The backside's in perfect proportion to the front. Would you have imagined any other way?

If this is what you'll find at your local gym, I'd recommend beginning a new workout routine.

I'll bet this is what Chantel does even when cameras aren't around. It just seems so natural to her.

With Chantel releasing pics like this, it's definitely time to find her on Snapchat!

Sitting by a pool having her picture taken is all in a day's work for Chantel. Lucky girl!

A healthy meal for a healthy girl… and looks like she's got some good stuff to wash it down with in the background.

A hoodie is one of the hardest looks to pull off… unless your name is Chantel Zales.

That is some sexy vaping. WHOA!

Thank God the designer of this dress remembered to leave an opening. It would have been criminal otherwise.

Here's Chantel hanging out with the girls… oh, and with a couple of friends too.

If only Domino's delivered Chantel. If anyone can figure out a business model that does, they'll be billionaires.

Wait, she's a supermodel AND a gamer??? This could be the most flawless girl on the planet.

It can't always be by a pool. Sometimes Chantel's got to spend the day at the beach. Decisions, decisions!

Two are better than one. Is anyone sensing a Doublemint commercial with Chantel playing both parts?

Here's Chantel on Halloween. But wait, she's always dressed as a gorgeous girl every day of the year! That's cheating!

Her outfit matches the artwork on the wall. Of course, Chantel is a work of art herself.

There is only one emoji that can describe Chantel — and she's holding it in the pic below. WOW.

Forget the kitty… Hello Chantel!