Modern Art Installation Removed By Cleaners Because They Thought It Was Mess From A Party

Cleaners at a museum in Italy cleaned up and threw away an entire exhibit thinking it was the aftermath of a Friday night party.

The exhibit consisted of empty champagne bottles, confetti, and pieces of paper. Now all that’s left is a squeaky clean floor inside an empty room. 

The artwork was titled: Where Are We Going To Dance This Evening? It was created by Goldschmied & Chiari, and was supposed to represent the decadence of 1980s Italy. 

This wasn’t the first time a mixup like this occurred. The cleaners had run into a similar issue in the past, and they had been warned about cleaning up exhibits. 

This time, a party was really hosted on that Friday night which caused all the confusion.

Luckily for the artist, the cleaners recycled all the work and separated it between glass and paper, making it easy to put back together.