The Trailer For Criminal Is Criminally Confusing

The Trailer For <i>Criminal</i> Is Criminally Confusing

What the what is going on here?

In the new trailer for Criminal, Kevin Costner wakes up having no idea what’s going on. No, this is not a documentary.

Just kidding, but seriously, Kevin plays a CIA intelligence officer, who wakes up with the memories of none other than Ryan Reynolds implanted in him (sexy memories too? Time will tell). Ryan used to be CIA too, before he was killed (or got cast in another superhero franchise). Kevin has to find this one contact who can launch any missile on the planet (yeah, sure, reeeeal believable).

Gary Oldman plays a CIA officer that looks, and sounds, pretty identical to Commissioner Gordon. Except this time around, he’s probably not as good a guy.

Overall, this trailer is seriously all over the place. I have no idea how or why he has the memories of Ryan in his noggin’, but he does. And meanwhile, Ryan’s old squeeze is like uh, what did he remember of me? And Kevin’s like he was mad in love with you… so, uh, wanna bone? I’m kidding about the last part. Maybe.

Anway, you can watch the trailer for yourself above, and let me know if I’m being too harsh. Sure, the whole thing has a lot of action, but is it enough to make up for the bizarre plot?