Why You Need To Get The Mark Cuban-Supported App Cyber Dust

Why You Need To Get The Mark Cuban-Supported App Cyber Dust

A new era in privacy and customization in messaging

I don't know about you, but I trust Mark Cuban, especially when it comes to the internet, where he made his billions. He's also a Shark Tank judge and he's sitting on almost 3 million Twitter followers.

So when Mark Cuban throws his weight behind an app, I'm all about it. The app in question is Cyber Dust, and it is promising a completely private space for messaging, with a wide variety of additional features.

Mark trusts the app so much, that he re-negotiated his Shark Tank contract with Sony entirely over Cyber Dust

That's just how much Cuban relies on the security provided by Cyber Dust. In fact, when Sony was hacked, and most of its records and negotiations were exposed, Cuban's final figures were not released because he was able to switch all communication to Cyber Dust.

Cuban had a hard time in the past with former business associates trying to defame him to the SEC with old, out-of-context e-mails. Since then, Mark wanted something that could be the equivalent of face to face, upfront communication.

Guaranteed security – more important today than ever

Guaranteed security - more important today than ever

All messages sent on Cyberdust are deleted within 30 seconds, and they never touch a hard drive, so there's no secret record of them or vulnerabilities like with the Snapchat leak. When someone send a message, the app doesn't even specify who you're talking to, so even screenshots (which the program warns you about taking, and notifies the other party if you move on with it) don't reveal a conversation.

If you still think privacy is crucial to our digital future, consider this quote from Cuban as told to Forbes:

"Your Facebook page. Your tweets. Your Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram pages. Your Spotify and Pandora playlists…All of these are being aggregated and evaluated to tell marketers what you like, don't like, buy, won't buy, your political affiliations. Five plus years of all this data tells the world who you are – whether you wanted to or not."

This is something to think about especially with recent news that Facebook even monitors what you write in the status box without even posting it!

Cyberdust is poised to be a vital tool to maintain anonymity in an increasingly insecure world.

The perfect app for comedians and celebrities

Cyber Dust also has a "Blast" feature which lets you talk to multiple people at once. You can follow celebrities and musicians and tons of other people through that method.

With the controversy surrounding Daily Show replacement Trevor Noah, and the intense media scrutiny on failed jokes that he made years ago, Cyber Dust would have been the perfect antidote as a space to briefly attempt an idea that isn't around forever.

Already, huge stars like 2 Chainz are embracing Cyber Dust as the way to get in touch with their fans. 2 Chainz is on Cyber Dust as +hairweavekiller.

With a variety of features and total privacy, the possibilities for using Cyber Dust are endless

With a variety of features and total privacy, the possibilities for using Cyber Dust are endless

Colleges across the US are embracing Cyber Dust as a multifaceted communication tool. Penn State is using it to get in touch with students, or allowing students to use it in class to ask questions anonymously. The University of North Texas uses it as a type of phone help lineto help students dealing with substance abuse or mental disorders.