DivinityLA Makes Awesome Bracelets Helping Charities & Social Super Star Cameron Dallas Is A Partner

DivinityLA Makes Awesome Bracelets Helping Charities & Social Super Star Cameron Dallas Is A Partner

Dope, affordable bracelets that support charity? And it's a Cameron Dallas-supported venture? Sign us up!

DivinityLA are putting out bracelets that you need to have in your life! At their site, they describe how their wrist accessories are handmade "with extreme passion," and paired with a non-profit that relates to the particular theme of each bracelet.

Each individual bracelet has a unique mix of semi-precious stones that impart different benefits on the wearer. These range from creativity and confidence to strength and everything in between, helpful to anyone regardless of what challenges life throws at them.

For example, the Panda bracelet, which is comprised of matte onyx and howlite. It also includes a Panda pendant that "promotes optimism and reduces stress." Each purchase directly donates money to Pandas International.

The charity aspect of DivinityLA is something that really sets it apart in today's easy-buck online fashion world. Each sale of a bracelet results in a donation to a "carefully-selected foundation whose interests align with our mission and support the values associated with [their] merchandise."

The Amore bracelet shows support for those affected by breast cancer, with stones made to decrease stress and anxiety. Each purchase supports Relay for Life.

DivinityLA was initially founded by Jonathan Rezvani and Cameron Asa (mind behind the very popular TweetLikeAGirl). Then Cameron Dallas found out about the bracelets, and he's spreading the word in a big way.

Cameron Dallas is a huge household name, having gotten his start on Vine & Instagram. We're talking 7.6 million followers huge on Vine alone, and 6.5 million on Insta. His reliably hilarious videos have propelled him to huge social media heights, and he is now well into the millions of followers on his Twitter, and Facebook too.

So when Cameron speaks, the internet listens. Having always felt a deep connection to helping people, Cameron wanted to partner with a socially-responsible company that gives to charity, and he found that with DivinityLA.

Cameron is also a HUGE animal lover. In fact, he told DivinityLA that he wanted to be a veterinarian professionally, and he was pursuing that goal until his social media career blew up. He was a huge fan of DivinityLA's animal-themed bracelets.

It's true! Two of DivinityLA's bracelets that donate to help animals are hard to come by, including the Ella and the Sea Turtle. That's probably thanks to Cameron's Twitter endorsement.

The Panda is currently in stock however, and we're sure they'll be getting more Ella's and Sea Turtle's in soon.

Until then, check out DivinityLA and keep up with them on social media for news about sales and their latest bracelets:

DivinityLA on Instagram
DivinityLA on Twitter

Oh, and by the way…

Oh, and by the way...

DivinityLA alone is already on the way up, and will soon dominate the new trend in bracelets — and we aren't the only ones who noticed. Working alongside their vast momentum, hugely influential models are already wanting to be the first ones to pick up these unique new pieces and make them a part of their own everyday look.

Here's the flawless Scarlett Leithold (above) wearing not only one, but three of DivinityLA's bracelets in her new & upcoming photo shoot. I think it's safe to say that DivinityLA & Scarlett will be sparking interest around the world together, and we are all excited to see what else they have in store for us with their very promising future.