Why Dollar Beard Club is the Ultimate Product For Any Bearded Gentlemen

Why Dollar Beard Club is the Ultimate Product For Any Bearded Gentlemen

When you think of an entrepreneur, your mind likely goes to a cleanly shaven, seasoned businessman with a tailored suit, slicked-back hair, and a vocabulary that includes ambiguous words like “basis point” and “bull market.” These seemingly trite individuals frequent MSNBC to ring in the NYSE every morning. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they don’t speak to the new wave of youthful business owners looking to shake things up a bit.

However, Chris Stoikos cuts right through that stereotype because this 27-year-old serial entrepreneur is putting a new face on business ownership—literally. The heart that keeps Stoikos’ business machine alive and running is what many owners of yesteryear shaved away or even paraded against in their code of conduct. This vital element is his beard.


This is where Dollar Beard Club comes to play. I know what you’re thinking—“Great, another monthly club to join.” Oh no, this is much more than just a club to simply groom some hair on your face. This is a brotherhood dedicated to celebrating your manhood that is your beard—without leaving the comforts of your home.

That’s right, no razors or shaving cream allowed in this clubhouse. Instead you’ll receive legendary, all natural beard oils, waxes, shampoos, and balms that are renowned as the nectar of the gods themselves (yes, they’re that good fellas) for only $1 every month. Yes, for 10 dimes you will have the manliest facial hair without the hassles of running out to the store to actually pick up the supplies necessary to be perfectly groomed. That’s a win-win in everybody’s book!


With a philosophy like, “Just keep on growing your beard and we’ll take care of the rest,” where could you possibly go wrong? Especially when there are no fees or commitment involved beyond those four quarters (or 20 nickels) monthly!

You’ll receive beard gear and apparel, the opportunity to order beard growth accelerators, invitations to exclusive beard events and offers, the ability to build your own personal beard kit, and your all-encompassing beardly satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are jumping up and down with excitement—become a bearded brother now!

Some skeptics might be thinking, “Surely Stoikos got lucky though right? The guy is a one trick pony who just happened to land on the right hot button.” Wrong! Stoikos also started up Coolbox, which he pitched on ABC’s Shark Tank on April 8th too! During this winning pitch, Stoikos also premiered his highly anticipated commercial for Dollar Beard Club. That’s two products in one pitch, which is a first for this entrepreneurial show! That’s not luck—that’s just great business.


Let’s discuss the Coolbox briefly; it’s not a toolbox. It’s a toolbox with all the bells and whistles attached to make your life as convenient as humanly possible. A few examples include: a built-in rechargeable phone battery, wireless Bluetooth speakers, pass-through power, wheels, a whiteboard, tablet stand, ice box, bottle opener, LED lights, a magnetic lid, and sturdy lifting handles along with holding all of those tools for your various projects (whew). No wonder why the sharks were in a feeding frenzy to partner with this awesome product!


Marketing to millennials is a challenge, but the genius mind of Chris Stoikos has cracked the code through his witty viral marketing videos, and he continues to create successful products to make life more convenient without sacrificing quality in the process. All we can do now is sit in anticipation to see what else Stoikos has up his sleeves for the future. And maybe MSNBC will be experiencing some wardrobe changes along with his wave of ingenious products as well.