1stSlice At SXSW 2016: Elijah Wood Talks The Trust, Working With Nic Cage, & MORE!

1stSlice At SXSW 2016: Elijah Wood Talks <i>The Trust</i>, Working With Nic Cage, & MORE!

Do you like heist movies? Do you like buddy cop movies? Do you like movies that start out relatively hilarious and then take a dark turn?

Well, Elijah Wood‘s film The Trust is the movie for you. Why? Oh, well for one it also stars Nic Cage so you know it’s going to be a pretty insane movie. Trust me… it is. Nic Cage is at PEAK Nic Cage in this film and let me tell you, it’s definitely worth seeing.

Anyway, go see the movie. It’s amazing. But if you’re not going to trust my word, and why would you trust me a stranger on the internet and in your bedroom just kidding don’t look this way I’m not here, then trust the word of Elijah Wood himself!

While at SXSW 2016 I got the chance to speak with The Lord of the Rings actor about his part in the film playing Waters, a cop who doesn’t really buy Nic Cage’s characters’ heist plan, but eventually goes along with it anyway.

We talked about everything from signing onto the film, what it’s like to see Nic Cage work, and the comedic chemistry the pair have in the film!

Check out our chat with Elijah Wood above and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

Can’t wait for The Trust? Catch it exclusively on DirecTV April 14th and in theaters/on demand from Saban Films on May 13th, 2016!