These Are The Hottest Pictures Of Emmy Rossum You Have Ever Seen!

These Are The Hottest Pictures Of Emmy Rossum You Have Ever Seen!

Isn't she gorgeous?

Yes she is!

The world is full of beauties

Each one unique.

Emmy is one of a kind

From head to toe.

She is an amazing actress

She is amazing!

Her poses are awesome!

She really knows what she's doing!

Did you know she can sing?

She sang her heart out in the Phantom of the Opera.

She use to sing at New York's Metropolitan Opera

Flawless voice, flawless look.

Those curls!

With hair like that you can do no wrong.

She is in the show Shameless

She does an awesome job!

She's too beautiful!

I can't believe it.

So much natural beauty

Is this possible?

She was in The Audrey Hepburn Story

That was in 2000.

In 2003 she starred in Mystic River

Her costars were Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn.

In 2004 she starred in The Day After Tomorrow

This was one of her biggest hits in film.

She is a dedicated actress

I bet her mother is proud.

Her mother is actually a photographer

Maybe that's how she got good at being in front of the camera.

Maybe she's just a natural

The camera loves her

She loves the camera

Isn't it obvious?

She was made for TV

That dress looks amazing on her!


She looks great!

She is so photogenic!

So stunning.

Absolutely beautiful

She really is great.

Awesome shot!

It's perfect

She looks fabulous

It's insane!

She just keeps getting better and better

So pretty!


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