13 Insanely Realistic Tattoos

13 Insanely Realistic Tattoos

Hey Clint!

No, this is not a scene from Gran Torino. This isn't good, bad or ugly either, it is in fact an insanely detailed portrait style tattoo done by the artist who goes by Fred_Tattoo on Instagram.

Dr. Dakota Block

This Planet Terror tattoo gives me the chills. Thanks Fred.

Put a Lid On It!

Eye see what you did there Niki23gtr from Instagram. I can't put my finger on it, but there's just something about these tattoos that caught my eye. Okay, let's move on before this gets cornea.

The Butterfly Effect Part Two

Excuse me, there's a butterfly on your arm.

A Classic

This one was drawn by tattoo Artist Jesse Rix from Keene, New Hampshire.

Here's Johnny!

Owner of Black Anchor in Hesperia, CA Nikko Hurtado is responsible for this one. Well done and keep shining Nikko!

The First Rule…

I don't know if I'm dreaming, or if I should join the fight. You've done it again Nikko.

So Close!

Everyone calm down, that is not a real hand coming out of an arm, it's the work of tattoo artist Denis Sivak.


Be right back, looking for my PS4 controller…

Dedicated Fans

"Have you seen the new Avengers movie?"

"Yeah! It was so amazing that I'm going to get the characters tattooed on my arms!"

I wonder if that's how this all started.

Yo Mr. White!

Rob Richardson, you might just be the next one who knocks.

Moon of My Life

Good to know Daenerys Targaryen can still inspire us.

What a Good Fella

There is nothing funny or amusing about this. Joe Pesci, you do not look like a clown.