A Florida Woman Fights To Keep Her Pet Alligator Named Rambo

A Florida Woman Fights To Keep Her Pet Alligator Named Rambo


Rambo, seen above riding a little four-wheeler in jeans and a shirt, is the pet alligator of Mary Thorn of Lakeland, Florida. They’ve been buddies for 11 years now, since he was four years old. He, along with five other gators, were rescued from a person who kept them in a small tank in a dark closet their entire lives. Thorn rehabilitated them, but the other gators, unfortunately, passed away.

Rambo remains.

With Rambo being the only remaining gator, Thorn thought it best to keep him inside, where he would receive plenty of attention and form a close bond with his savoir. He became a house pet, along with her dogs, and was trained to do a “wriggly dance,” like all of us, when he has to go outside to use the bathroom. He does, however, suffer from light sensitivity because of the years trapped in the closet.

Rambo is incredibly docile. Thorn takes him to schools and community events to help teach about reptiles. The gator keeps his mouth shut tight around children, despite how delicious they probably are.

However, Thorn may lose her dearly beloved pet. Rambo has hit four feet in length, and according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife, he cannot be kept in a residential area without 2.5 acres of space. Thorn says losing Rambo would be like losing a child.

“They’ll treat him like a normal gator, and he’ll be dead in weeks,” she said. “If he gets put in a tent with other gators, they’ll eat him. His immune system is low — other gators will go after sick gators.”

However, there is hope. Thorn has owned Rambo since before the acre stipulation. She’s also looking to make Rambo a certified therapy animal.