The Funniest 7 Video Game Streamers To Watch On Twitch is a live streaming video platform that gamers around the world use to broadcast their gameplay to a huge audience. Some gamers are so good at what they do that they become world champions, amass a huge following, and Twitch becomes their full-time job. People pay to subscribe to the top channels, and they donate so their favorite players can afford better equipment or to stream for longer.

Some people become Twitch famous, not for their skills, but rather because of their personality. They don't have the top stats, but they're entertaining enough that people keep coming back just to watch them play and laugh at their jokes.

Here are the funniest 7 streamers currently on Twitch.


BikeMan is probably one of the funniest guys on Twitch right now. His gameplays are chock full of hilarious voices and insane ideas for characters. His ability to make anything interesting is unmatched, even when designing his MMO character, Derpinogi The Blader.



You can watch StreamerHouse live, at any time. StreamerHouse is a house filled with gamers, with someone on their channel playing 24/7. Between the roommate situation (some come home drunk and beat up their friends,) and their insane hookup (their house is wired with IP cameras, inside and out,) you're bound to find something hilarious. They essentially created their own reality TV show, with 20 cameras covering almost every room in the house, and cameras outside as well. You can watch them play, cook, or work on numerous videos.


CaptainSparklez has a huge YouTube following, but since hopping onto Twitch viewers get to interact with him live, and his influence there is steadily growing. The Cap'n is known for playing Minecraft, and dabbling in other games, while creating in-game situations that will make you laugh out loud.



SeriousGaming is unlike a lot of other streamers, because they're a real life-couple who enjoy playing video games together. Sometimes, one will play while the other watches, but the stream is usually the two of them interacting. Alan and Victoria play the newest hot games, and WoW, and their stream has a crazy high production value.


Towelliee plays a lot of online games, but he's best known for his tank abilities in World of Warcraft, and lots of viewers tune in just to watch his high-level Player versus Environment raids, because he's in a top guild. But even more watch him because he's just a really nice dude who seems to always run into funny situations during gameplay.



Dan is great to watch if you want to discover indie games, or figure out the gameplay of the latest popular title. He's an "in the moment" streamer, and his reactions to horror genre games are brilliant. He's self-deprecating, and will even dance for new subscribers.


Lirik, or DatGuyLirik, streams ARMA and DayZ, or whatever is popular at the moment, and has amassed 600,000+ followers by creating hilarious scenes in sandbox games. He doesn't stream his face, but his vocal reactions are more than enough to make you crack up.


Who are YOUR favorites?