Galaxy Hair Is The New Hair Color Trend And It’s Totally Unreal

Galaxy Hair Is The New Hair Color Trend And It’s Totally Unreal

Inspiration from the planets and outer space is what has kicked off this new hair trend, as people are heading to their colorists to demand swirls of vibrant color in their tresses.

The results are so glorious that it’s difficult to believe this is from hair dye and that the girls in these photos are not wearing wigs.

In order to achieve this ‘do, however, you have to bleach your hair almost white first. This is definitely not a one-step process, so I highly recommend going to a professional who will walk you through every step, beforehand.

Once you have the look you want, you have to head back to the salon every few weeks to re-gloss any areas that have faded (which will happen, no matter what. Trust me. I dye my hair purple once a month).

So, this is some high maintenance, yet totally out of this world hair.

You can pretty much pick any favorite photo of that incredible galaxy we spin around in and show it to your stylist — just make sure your stylist is experienced with this sort of coloring! Pick out the colors you want, and voila! You have hair that will turn every head as you walk down the street.

Like I said, keep in mind this is one hell of a process, and it can be very pricey to maintain… But totally worth it to have hair like this.