Girl Discovers Her Selfies Are Being Used to Catfish People

Girl Discovers Her Selfies Are Being Used to Catfish People

Amelia Perrin Seflie Catfish

When a photographer contacted 19-year-old Amelia Perrin on Facebook, claiming he had come across her pictures on an amateur modeling website, the beautiful selfie-taking teen knew something fishy was happening.

Someone was using Amelia’s selfies as their own and catfishing the photographer, and most likely, many others.

Whoever was posing as Amelia had sent the photographer pictures of her, along with X-rated nudes (which Amelia swears are not hers), and lured the photographer to a fake address for a photo shoot. When he arrived to the location, no one was there, and he decided to track down Amelia to let her know what was going on.

Then, soon after, Amelia found an Instagram account, where someone else was also using her selfies.

Whoever was in charge of the account was posting pictures stolen from Amelia’s personal Instagram page, using a different name and location.

Amelia sent a direct message to the user, demanding he or she to stop, but she found herself blocked. When she had her friends do the same, they were also blocked. Once she began threatening the person, he or she eventually took down the stolen pictures and began using someone else’s. Not exactly a win, and unfortunately, it was just temporary relief for the teen. 
She now has to do a reverse Google image search in order to find other instances where her photos are being used. Amelia also has tried using a watermark on her images, but those can be easily removed.

But catfishing is nothing new. In fact, an entire television series on MTV, appropriately called Catfish, was created entirely based around all of the rather creepy instances where people use someone else’s photos and claim that’s what they look like in order to scam other people.

The only way for Amelia to really prevent this from continuing is if she sets her profile to private or stops posting pictures altogether.

Let’s just say she’s not about to let the haters and creeps win. She’ll keep doing what she wants… even though it seems to have some pretty weird consequences.