Japan’s Luxury Trains Are A Sight To Behold

Japan’s Luxury Trains Are A Sight To Behold

p6-s3-train-a-20140605-870x580Today I’ve been dreaming about taking a ride on one of Japan’s new luxury trains. Sleek design, soaring views and opulent furniture are all par for the course on Japan Railway Company’s Cruise Train, designed by Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama.

According to the Japan Times, a ticket to board one of these trains will cost you a pretty penny. Couples can expect to pay ¥1.1 million ($9,200) for a four-day trip. But that hasn’t stopped crowds from flocking to the luxury railway company.

A far cry from Amtrak’s aging carriages, Japan’s romantic rail cars contain amenities like full-size fold-out beds, lounge spaces and two-story couples’ suites that take luxury to the next level.


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