Jennifer Love Hewitt Can’t Hardly Wait For A Can’t Hardly Wait Reunion Movie

Just like A Midsummer Night's Dream, Can't Hardly Wait is one of those rare comedies that takes place over one night. Except Can't Hardly Wait doesn't have fairies. Or a Donkey headed man.

Well, Can't Hardly Wait's star and former vampire slayer Jennifer Love Hewitt says she wants more… a whole f*cking movie more, to be exact.

After she was at Cinespia's Hollywood Forever Cemetery showing of the 1998 film, Jennifer tweeted out a pretty incredible idea:

Who is the "them" that Jennifer is referring to? Is this an Illuminati plot?

I think the scarier prospect would be if this wasn't an Illuminati plot.

What does everyone think? Will a studio hardly wait to make a reunion movie? Or will they just wait?