32 Steaming Hot Pictures Of Jennifer Lopez!

32 Steaming Hot Pictures Of Jennifer Lopez!

1. Oh JLo

She's a triple threat and we all love it! She can act, dance and sing.

2. Jenny From The Block

She was born in the Bronx, NY on July 24. Happy belated birthday to her!

3. She Has Been Practicing Her Whole Life

She began taking singing and dancing lessons since she was five! That's impressive.

4. She Has Always Been Dedicated

She moved all the way to manhattan so she could learn to dance, and she would sleep in the studio where she practiced.

5. One Of Her First Dancing Gigs Was In Japan

She danced in a musical called Synchronicity.

6. She Use To Be In A Band

She was the lead singer for the band One.

7. She Really Loved To Dance

Her first big dancing gig was dancing behind New Kids on the Block at the AMAs.

8. She Was On Tv

She landed a role as a "Fly Girl" in the comedy series "In Living Color."

9. She Performed With Janet Jackson

She came out in "That's The Way Love Goes"

10. She Has Always Been Fit

Her nickname use to be "La Guitarra" which is spanish for guitar. (Her body was curvy like a guitar.)

11. In The Bronx, She Had A Different Nickname

She was called "The Supernova"

12. She Was Also Pursuing Acting

Her first big film was Gregory Nava's "Mi Familia: My Family"

13. In 1996 She Was On The Cover Of Latina Magazine

She was the first to be on the cover.

14. Her First Major Role In A Movie Was….

Come on try and guess…


Yup, her first big role was Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in 1997. (I kind of love that movie.)

16. She Was Paid $1 Million For Playing Selena

That must have been nice.

17. Remember The Movie Antz?

She was the voice of one of the ants!

18. She Came Out In Money Train

Her costars were Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. Apparently they both wanted her, but she turned them down.

19. She Starred In Blood And Wine

Her costar Stephen Dorff also made a pass at her. She turned him down too. What's with these guys? #GetTheHint

20. She Got Married At The Age Of 23

It lasted 13 months.

21. JLo Is Extremely Talented…

She was the first actress to have an album and a movie hit number one in the same week.

22. Okay, She's Also Really Attractive!

There's just no denying it!

23. She's Way Too Gorgeous!

She launched her own clothing line in 2001.

24. She Starred In The Movie Monster In Law

I love that movie! In my opinion she's one of the best actresses (for chick flicks).

25. She Made $15 Million For Monster In Law

That made her the highest paid hispanic actress in Hollywood at the time.

26. We All Know She Can Act, Sing, And Dance, But Did You Know…

She has her own production company! This hot woman is more than just good looks!

27. Her Greatest Superpower Of All Is Being A Mom

Im not joking. That's hard work. To top it off, she has twins! That's double the work, at the same time! She's literally a superhero.

28. After Taking 15 Months Of To Bond With Her Babies She Filmed The Back Up Plan

Another great chick flick.

29. She Was A Host For American Idol

She was there for three long seasons!

30. A Moment Of Silence For This Beautiful Woman Please

She really is someone to admire.

31. She Is Involved In Everything!

From dancing to acting, and producing to designing! She's someone to admire.

32. Thank You For Being You

I still can't believe she looks this good at 46!