I’m Not Sure What Is Happening In The Legend Of Tarzan‘s Newest Trailer, But I Like It

I’m Not Sure What Is Happening In <i>The Legend Of Tarzan</i>‘s Newest Trailer, But I Like It

Oh man, if I were you, I’d just press that triangle above. I already thought this adaptation was going to be cool, but I think trailer shows that The Legend of Tarzan that will exceed any typical re-telling of Tarzan meeting Jane, uttering the now famous “Me, Tarzan. You, Jane. Netflix, Chill?”

No, this newest iteration seemingly goes above and beyond. Not only does it show Tarzan’s origins, the trailer has Tarzan, played by Alexander Skarsgård, going to England, and becoming civilized. Meanwhile, Jane is now married to the Jungle-man-turned-Lord. However, when Tarzan returns to the Congo as Parliament’s trade emissary, he has to deal with the evil machinations of the nefarious Belgian Captain Rom played by German villain portrayer Christoph Waltz. Not to mention there’s even Samuel L. Jackson in this film.

There’s a lot of apes, fighting, and more vines than King Bach’s account. Is Andy Serkis playing every primate? Probably not any, to be honest. But all the animals look and behave very life-life.

So, say hi to some serious swingers and watch the new trailer above. I guarantee you’ll be impressed, and I don’t guarantee you’ll beat your chest in a fit of adrenaline induced passion, but it could happen.

But before you do that, be sure to watch 1st Slice‘s exclusive SXSW interview with Alexander Skarsgård where he dished about filming The Legend of Tarzan! Go on, do it now. I’ll wait.