This Is What It’s Like To Ride A Roller Coaster With VR Strapped To Your Face (Video)

This Is What It’s Like To Ride A Roller Coaster With VR Strapped To Your Face (Video)

Roller Coaster VR

Wondering what it would be like to ride a roller coaster with a VR set strapped to your head? Wonder no more. Six Flags recently debuted an Oculus-aided roller coaster and it looks like a really fun way to puke your guts out.

Dare Devil dive coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia is the first roller coaster to distribute VR headsets to riders. The immersive VR experience involves flying over and through skyscrapers while killing aliens — though it seems doubtful the average rider will be able to muster the wherewithal to click on the bad guys as they ride along on physical tracks.

One of my primary concerns when I first heard about the VR addition was that there wouldn’t be a way to time it perfectly to match the dynamics of the coaster train. That fear seems to be relatively unfounded —the syncing is uncanny. I also wondered how riders would be able to keep the headset on while navigating tight turns and loops, but it looks like the chin strap takes care of all that.

That said, I still think this looks like a claustrophobic and terrifying way to ride a roller coaster. If you thought strapping yourself into a speeding train involved a leap of faith, just imagine how many more leaps you’d have to make to get comfortable with the idea of doing this.

At the same time, it looks really fun, and I love the idea of traveling through a trackless VR environment that’s only limited by the imaginations of game designers. Would you ever ride this?