25 Of The Coolest Matching Tattoos To Inspire You & Your BFF/Significant Other/Whatever!

Need some inspiration for that matching tattoo you're planning on getting?

Need some inspiration for that matching tattoo you're planning on getting?

Tattoos are permanent. That's why you have to make sure you're 100% behind the decision for what art you want to put on your body…

That's why you do A LOT of research beforehand, especially if you're going to be getting a matching tattoo with your significant other, best friend, parent, random stranger you met while drunk in Vegas for five days longer than you ought to have been.

So, we've come up with some inspiration for your upcoming matching tattoos. Whether you wanna be traditional or crazy different or matching, but not EXACTLY matching, we've got the ideas for you!

1. Anchors, duh!

Because nothing screams best friends louder than matching anchors on your wrists!

2. The different suits of playing cards!

These are super cool especially if you have four super close friends who are all poker players and play with cards all the time. PERFECT!

3. Matching dinosaurs! RAWR!

These are the perfect non-matching but totally matching tattoos. Especially if you're into dinosaurs.

4. Harry Potter Patronus tattoos!

Or you could go with these HP-inspired tats and show how like Lily and James Potter you REALLY are!

5. Harry Potter Elder Wand tattoos!

Make every other Harry Potter fan jealous with these babies.

6. Half-hearts on your fingers

So that everyone knows that the other person always has half of your heart! Awwwww.

7. Simple hearts that can go anywhere!

Keep it simple and show your love for one another with these hearts!

8. Lightsabers on your fingers!

Be the envy of all your Star Wars-fan friends!

9. Awesome Lion King quotes/imagery!

Because who wouldn't want this kind of matching Disney tat?

10. Minimalist Minnie & Mickey Mouse tats!

For the mega-Disney fans out there!

11. Matching Narwals!!!!!

The question here is who WOULDN'T want to get these adorable matching narwhal tattoos.

12. These adorable Pacman ghosts

For the nerdiest of arcade game couples/friends to get!

13. These adorable PBJ halves chatting on the phone!

If you and your bestie are like PB&J, then these two animated halves of a sandwich are the perfect thing to get plastered on to your skin!

14. Pizzzzzzzzzzzza.

Pizza is always a good idea whether it's for dinner or it's for a tattoo.

15. A planet & rocket ship tattoo!

This is another one that's matching, but not exactly so it's adorable! Plus if you really like space, these are the perfect couple tattoos!

16. Puzzle pieces!

Make sure the puzzle pieces actually fit together, otherwise these tattoos are useless.

17. A Chinese urban legend tattoo

So, this is a Chinese/Japanese legend called the 'red string of fate' that states that the gods tie an invisible red string around the pinky finger (Japanese) or any part of the body (Chinese) and those two people are destined to be together. According to wikipedia: "The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break."

18. Simplistic pizza

Getting a pizza tattoo is always a good idea! Especially if you and your BFF/partner love pizza!

19. Stormtroopers!

These are some "same but different" tattoos that are super cool. Get the stormtrooper you identify most with! Or don't! Be different and get a rebel tattoo! Star Wars for life!

20. His & Hers sugar skulls

Alternate tattoo options are: hers & hers skulls, his & his skulls or just cool-ass skulls that match your personalities.

21. Sun & Moon!

Works best if you're Game of Thrones fans, then you can quote Khal Drago and Khaleesi. Also works well if you're friends and complete opposites… like night and day. Ba-dum-cha.

22. Quotes about how much you love each other!

"Til my dying day" is a pretty different way of saying I love you forever. Way better to tattoo that on your body than just boring old "I love you" or your partners name.

23. Umbrellas!

These mini umbrellas are adorable! Not to mention if your names start with J's it's a double whammy!

24. Water color heart/heart cutout

This is a unique way to do matching hearts without being too matchy-matchy! Plus it's colorful!

25. World monuments!

Get matching monuments of your favorite places in the world. Better if they were places you visited together and have fond memories at!