Nike Unveils World’s First “Power-Lacing” Shoe

Nike Unveils World’s First “Power-Lacing” Shoe


Nike has invented a self-lacing shoe, just like the kind sported in Back To The Future II!

The shoe’s so-called “power laces” work using a sensor that automatically tightens when you step into them.

For those afraid of getting squeezed to death, fear not: the “adaptive lacing technology” isn’t fully automatic. You can also manually adjust the tightness of the shoe via a button on its side, allowing the shoe to create a snug fit no matter what. Or at least that’s the dream, anyway.

The shoe is supposed to come out during the holiday season of 2016 and will come in a range of different prices (all, likely, expensive).

Sure, it’s gimmicky and kind of silly but I can imagine these becoming a real hit — and not just for novelty seekers. After all, they’re stylish and innovative. What’s not to love?

Check out a video of the power lacing technology in action below!