Nintendo Launches Its First Ever Smartphone Game

Nintendo Launches Its First Ever Smartphone Game


…Too bad it’s only offered in Japan.

Nintendo’s first smartphone game is out, and don’t you wish you could get on the next red eye to Tokyo, just so you could get red-eyed playing it?

The game called Miitomo allows users to make an avatar called a Mii (if you’re name was Mario, you could say, “it’s a-Mii, Mario”), share posts on social media, and even answer questions about themselves.

In fact, you can dress you Mii up in Nintendo apparel, and even take pictures with other friends’ Miis. It’s gotten mixed, but mostly positive reviews thus far. Perhaps will see some Miis in America soon? We’re generally all about Mii as Americans, aren’t we?

The one thing that somewhat bothers me is that the purchase of in-game currency at the price of actual money. Like, live your life outside of virtual reality, people.

Social media is time consuming as it is, you don’t need to have a social media account for the┬ávirtual representation of yourself.