Obama Reveals His Final March Madness Bracket As President

Obama Reveals His Final March Madness Bracket As President

Obama Bracket


Earlier today, President Barack Obama revealed two things: his pick for the Supreme Court and his March Madness bracket.

You heard that right, the President announced his very own March Madness bracket (forget the Supreme Court guy, the Republicans have already said they won’t even bother to meet the guy). So…


Pundits are correctly noting that sadly, yes, this is the final time that Obama will ever show us a bracket as a President (he’s not dying, you know, I’m pretty sure he’ll get airtime if he happened to stop by the ESPN offices).

Anyway feast your eyes upon THIS!

This is notable for a few reasons:

First off, this is the THIRD time the President has picked Kansas to win the whole thing (in a move not too dissimilar from the President’s optimism he could ever find common ground with Republicans).  Of course, the President is not above a little ribbing.

Bill Self owes me,” Obama told ESPN.  “I’m putting Kansas in here. Coach, I’m just teasing. I’m not putting pressure on you. But I think the Jayhawks in a squeaker get past UNC.”

Obama also picked Kansas because “They haven’t been flawless all year, but they’ve been steady,” with the kind of steadfast “stay the course” reasoning that would even make George Bush proud (or at the very least, Dana Carvey‘s approximation of #41).

Dana Carvey Bush


Second, Obama is low on spoiler picks because he doesn’t feel as knowledgeable on lower-profile teams to select “Cinderellas” to advance deep in the tournament.

And finally, Obama reminded us all about the reason why we become captivated each year with the popular NCAA tournament: “college sports at its best can bring people together.”

Obama said, while thinking, “you hear that Republicans, can you do your job and vet Merrick Garland already?”