Samantha Bee’s Response To Hillary Clinton Being Told To “Smile” Is Absolutely Perfect

Samantha Bee’s Response To Hillary Clinton Being Told To “Smile” Is Absolutely Perfect

Hillary Clinton soared on Tuesday night, with primary victories in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois. Clinton, of course, gave one heck of a victory speech.

Her words, however, were not accompanied with a bright and cheerful smile, and that upset some men. One man in particular whose feelings were hurt by Clinton’s decision not to bare her pearly whites was Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

The co-host took to Twitter to address Clinton:

If you’re wondering whether or not any of her male running mates would have been told the same had they given a victory speech and not smiled, well, my guess: UM, NO.

Keeping up with her reputation of being a total badass and feminist, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee responded to Scarborough and even started a fresh, new hashtag, which I must admit made me smile (I should be smiling, anyway, right Joe?)


Soon after, others gladly joined in!

But if you can’t tell that they’re happy, just take my word on it that they are.

That is the look of pure, submissive joy right there, if you ask me!

But you see, Joe, a woman does not always have to have a smile on her face in order to be feeling a certain way. In fact, a woman does not have to convey anything she doesn’t feel like conveying. Some of us have Resting Bitch Face. Some of us don’t. Some of us aren’t in stellar moods every second of every day, if you can believe that. Some of us are going through hell and back with family or work issues. Some of us are stressed or focused on winning an election to become President of The United States of America. 

Serious issues sometimes call for a serious face. But, you know, I suppose Mrs. Clinton simply can’t be taken seriously as a woman if she’s not in the kitchen cooking dinner for sweet, ol’ Bill with a smile on her face, now can she?

Sit down, Joe. Sit your ass right friggin’ down, and stay there.



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