Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Then You Should Be Using All 25 Of These Beauty Products!

Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Then You Should Be Using All 25 Of These Beauty Products!

Don't You Just Hate It When You Can't Find A Good Product For Your Skin That Actually Works?

I personally have sensitive skin, and have come to the realization that I simply cannot use ANY fancy face washing products. Less is definitely more (in my case).

However, not everyone has the same skin, and not every product is made for everyone. Just remember if a product doesn't work, keep searching for one that's perfect for you. Here's a list of beauty products that were made specifically for people with sensitive skin. Who knows, you might just find something that works!

1. Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye And Lip Makeup Remover

This cleansing liquid is fragrance, color and alcohol free. It's a mix of oil and water, which makes for a great gentle makeup remover. Shake first, put a few drops on a cotton pad and press against your closed eyes. Allow this to sink in, and watch how soft your skin will feel afterwards!

2. Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes

These wipes are gentle enough for sensitive skin, but tough enough to remove even waterproof mascara.

3. Olay's Foaming Face Wash

This face wash will gently cleanse and remove any left over dirt on your face. It's soap free, oil free and fragrance free, so it won't irritate your skin!

4. Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask

This face mask from First Aid Beauty is perfect for sensitive complexions. Moisturizing your face is super important, because no one wants dry skin! Right? Right. This mask will hydrate and replenish skin.

5. Burt's Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream

This moisturizing cream is gentle enough for everyday use. It not only softens your skin, but helps prevent skin from being irritated.

6. Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Face Exfoliant

Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Face Exfoliant

This formula exfoliates skin gently using jojoba beads and finely milled exfoliant bamboo.

7. Murad Acne Kit For Sensitive Skin

Murad Acne Kit For Sensitive Skin

We've all battled with acne at some point. This three step kit reduces "redness and strengthen[s] sensitive, irritated skin while combating blemishes."

8. Clean & Clear Essentials Deep Cleaning Toner, Sensitive Skin

This toner is great for sensitive skin because it treats and prevents pimples in a gentle oil-free way.

9. Burt's Bees Sensitive Eye Cream

Eye cream is extremely important if you want to keep the skin around the eyes healthy. Not only is that layer of skin really thin, but it can get irritated easily. this eye cream is made with cotton extract, olive fruit oil and is fragrance free.

10. Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

This all natural sunscreen is great for protecting your skin without irritating it. It's fragrance free and it's hypoallergenic.

11. Eucerin Night Cream

Every night your body rejuvenates itself, meaning this is the perfect time to apply a cream that will sooth and repair skin. This night cream works to reduce and redness on the skin.

12. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

This product is for the ones who don't mind having less coverage. This moisturizer is perfect for giving your skin an even look, without it looking cakey.

13. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

This foundation is perfect for those searching for full coverage. Tarte is known for making products with as many natural ingredients as possible. Even though this gives you full coverage, it won't clog your pores or damage your skin. It's full of vitamins and minerals!

14. CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Skin Foundation

If all you're looking for in a foundation is coverage and a gentle formula, this is the perfect product for you.

15. LORAC "I'm So Sensitive" Soothing Face Primer

LORAC specifically made this primer for light and super hydrating. It's water based and is suitable for all skin types.

16. Clinique Airbrush Concealer

Clinique is known for making products for people with sensitive skin. This concealer is just the right combination of ingredients to cover up blemishes while keeping your problem areas smooth.

17. Bobbi Brown Sensitive Skin Foundation

If you're not into liquid foundation, and want a quick cover up, then this loose powder will work wonders on your face! It's light and silky, but it's just tough enough to gov your skin an even looking tone.

18. Lavera Mineral Rouge Powder Blush

This powder bush helps give you the radiant complexion you long for when searching for a blush. It's made with natural ingredients, which is what you want when you have sensitive skin.

19. Jergens Daily Moisture Body Lotion

Jergens Daily Moisture Body Lotion

This lotion is amazing for all skin types. It's hydrating, fragrance-free so it won't irritate your skin.

20. Kiehl's Creme de Corps

Another body lotion that works perfectly with dry or sensitive skin. It's really hydrating, and won't leave your hands or body feeling greasy.

21. Honest Hand Soap

Honest is a great brand that dedicates themselves to incorporating all natural ingredients in their products. It fights dirt like a charm, but it won't leave your hands feeling dry and tight. It's just the perfect balance! Honestly.

22. Gillette Venus Embrace Satin Care Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel

The title says it all. Shaving your legs can be a real pain sometimes, literally. If you have really sensitive skin you know about the irritation and redness that can happen afterwards. This formula makes sure not to dry out your skin, while minimizing the risk of irritation.

23. LUSH Superbalm Scalp Treatment

Sensitive skin can also mean a dry or flaky scalp. Some shampoos and conditioners are too much and will cause irritation in the skin. LUSH is completely natural. This scalp treatment is good to get rid of dandruff, while moisturizing the scalp.

24. Soak And Float Lush Shampoo Bar

This bar is perfect for soothing scalps. The lavender oil in it helps clear up any irritation or dandruff.

25. Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment

This goes beyond any sensitive skin issue you might want to tackle. Not only does coconut oil relieve dryness in the hair and scalp, but it makes your hair glossier and healthier.

The best thing about this is it's completely DIY, which means you can add or take out any ingredients. All you need is 6 tablespoons of extra virgin organic coconut oil, 3-4 drops of tea tree oil, and 4-6 drops of rosemary oil. Mix, lather and rinse after 20 minutes.