College Football Star Tarik Cohen Made A One-Handed BACKFLIP Catch — See The Video Here!

College Football Star Tarik Cohen Made A One-Handed BACKFLIP Catch — See The Video Here!

Star athlete goes above and beyond

Incoming junior on the Division I North Carolina A&T Aggies, Tarik Cohen sure knows how to make an impression. He was the Aggies number one running back five weeks into his freshman season, which led to him winning the MEAC Rookie of the Year Award.

He ran a 4.3 40 yard dash and was considered among the top ten freshmen in the entire nation for college football. His sophomore year, he ran for 1,340 rushing yards and 237 receiving, making a 6.8 YPC average, 2nd in the entire nation at the time.

So heading into his 2015 junior year, what's recently gained Tarik extra attention?

It might be something that official statistics don't measure

Earlier this month, Tarik posted slow motion video of himself catching a football. With one hand. While doing a backflip.

Yeah, he's not about to be tackled, nor are large pads weighing him down, but let's be honest. Most of us can't do a backflip, and if we're being really honest, probably couldn't catch a football one-handed.

The videos of Tarik's insane stunts recently spread across the internet like wildfire. They've been featured on Yahoo Sports, ESPN, the Huffington Post, and pretty much any other websites that are even a little bit interested in people doing backflips and/or football.

Check out just THE FIRST of Tarik's backflip/one-hand catches through ESPN!

Still not impressed? What about if Tarik catches a football one-handed IN EACH HAND WHILE BACKFLIPPING like in the below video from his Instagram?!

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Damn Tarik. Damn. We're excited to see what's next from Tarik in his junior year season, and how he tops these insane catches!